Balenciaga – son of a dressmaker!

If you are in the New York area and you are fascinated by sewing and costume design a visit to the gorgeous new exhibition Balenciaga Spanish Master at the Queen Sophia Institute (684 Park Ave. just north of 68th St.) is an absolute must! When I went yesterday I learned that when Balenciaga was 10 he lost his father and his mother turned to dressmaking to support the family. At 13 he was apprenticed to a tailor where he began the 20 year path to realize his talent and build a fashion empire with couture salons in Madrid, Barcelona, and San Sebastian. He decided to live in Paris when the Spanish civil war became too dangerous. Hamish Bowles did a fantastic job curating this show by theme: incredible outfits were inspired by the clergy, royalty, bullfighting, flamenco dancing, and even modern artists like Miro! The draping, bias cuts, and embellishment are just amazing! BRAVO to Oscar de la Renta for thinking of the exhibit (he began his career at Balenciaga – can you imagine?)!!!

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