Kathleen & RJ’s Valentine Tea!

Our dear friends Kathleen Moriarty and RJ Keefe had the great idea to host a Valentine Tea at their lovely apartment! When I heard, I asked if they’d be interested in using a piece of my red Paris map fabric from my Bon Vivant collection for Windham as a table topper? http:www.windhamfabrics.com/cgi-bin/fabricshop/gallery.cgiCategory=465 As you can see from the photo above they have quite a flair for putting a tablescape together!

Kathleen and RJ are known for their entertaining and yesterday’s party was so inspiring! We were truly spoiled the many treats including 3 yummy types of biscotti (by Walter) , choclate walnut above left..

I’m happy to report that Purl Soho at 459 Broome St. in my neighborhood will be one of the first quilt stores in Manhattan to carry my Bon Vivant collection for Windham! Their manager Nikki Stadler graciously gave me a stack of their cards which came in handy because many people at the tea were asking where they’d be able to get my fabrics..

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