Tutorial for making Elephant Wall Art!

Need some fun artwork to decorate your child’s room? Try sewing an elephant using my pieces of my Bon Vivant fabrics from Windham!


Materials Needed:

1) Sharpie black marker and white card stock 2) Windham fabrics 32165 (grey paisley), and 32164 (red Paris map) 3) fabric cutting scissors 4) embroidery scissors 6) black satin cord 7) black thread 8) dark grey embroidery thread (I used DMC #314) 9) a black button (for the eye) 10) straight pins 11) embroidery needles (I used Clover) 12) 2ply bristol board for mounting

Draw your elephant on white cardstock and cut it out. Mark sections 1-4. These will be your pattern pieces.

Cut along outlines to separate pieces 1-4.

Flip fabrics over with printed side down and trace shapes with your marker. Cut shapes and layer on top of one another to assemble the layout. Position the button eye.

Pin along edges of fabrics to hold pieces in place.

Using dark grey embroidery thread stitch the main shapes together.

Cut satin cord to define ear flap and toenails.

Using black thread sew around the cord to secure it between the two fabrics.

To create tail fringe clip fabric at the bottom into vertical strips. Sew the tail on the back of the elephant with light grey thread.

Would suggest mounting on 2 ply bristol board 18″ x 24″, trim it down and frame in black wood.

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