Our 4th Pattern is here – for a Project Tote!

Marty and I will be leaving for International Quilt Market tommorrow and we’re taking samples of our fourth home sewing pattern! It started as a display sample in the teal and brown skus of my Bon Vivant collection for Windham Fabrics. That sample was given away by Ryan Walsh after he did a blog post on me. A talented sewist Sharon Tuckey won it and I asked her if she wanted to collaborate on a pattern with me.

Meanwhile back in NYC I was starting to work on special rosettes with my friend Myra Martin. This one ended up being a fun a decorative closure! For a tutorial on making this type Coco Rosette in the search bar. Once Sharon and I worked out the pattern and instructions I asked Jennifer Herrick at Lola Pink Fabrics if they could test it for me.

I was so excited she said “Sure” and worked up a new plan to make the bag on the right with my grey paisley and red floral from Bon Vivant. I sent along some black vintage buttons for her to choose from. Jennifer did such a lovely job and another of Myra’s pin on rosettes makes a cute embellishment! Many thanks to all who helped make this product such a success!

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