Happy Halloween from Quilt Market!

Spooky Greetings from Houston where my second home sewing fabric line “Bon Vivant” was presented at International Quilt Market by Windham and me! I decided my costume should be “Holly Golightly turns domestic diva”! In addition to quilts, the late fifties vibe of the group inspired me to design fun mother & daughter aprons & oven mitt, a lighthearted cape, bib & burp cloths, a travel bag, headbands, barettes, bangles, earrings, & a necklace! Many thanks to the talented sewists on our team Hilary Bobker (poodle quilt), Ella Sawtell (aprons, cape, sleep mask), and Jane Sheinfeld of The Pieced Palette (oven mitt, bib & burp cloths, and travel bag)! The dress is by Kate Spade – love her spin on “Sabrina” style!

Laura Jaquinto and I collaborated on this cute wine and cheese tote project! We will have pattern instructions available soon!

Many Thanks to Mickey, Alex, and the whole Windham group for putting together such an attractive booth and for being so supportive! It was great to meet some of Windham’s newer players like Jennifer, Grace, and Sandy too..

My spirited dress award goes to the girls at Simply Renee for their “Witchy Poo” outfits! Renee in green, Bobbi in pink, Kathy in orange, and Carolyn in purple! Love their Clip-it-Up product too!

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6 Responses to Happy Halloween from Quilt Market!

  1. Simply Renee says:

    What silly witches we are 🙂 It was so great to meet you, thanks for stopping by our booth.

  2. CZ says:

    I LOVE that poodle quilt. Would love related accessories!

  3. barbara Jenichen says:

    I simply love that poodle quilt, such creativity, my applause to the design and fantastic stitching of Hilary Bobker, did she design it also?

    • admin says:

      Hi Barbara,
      Likewise, I love it too and agreed she did a great job making it! Yes, Hilary told me that the poodles in one my Bon Vivant prints inspired her to design that quilt!

  4. Carol Alt says:

    Very interesting website. I am so looking forward to reading more posts.

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