Showering Rosa & Juan with double happiness!

Last night we celebrated the upcoming birth of our dear friends’ twins which will be happening any day now.. It was a bit of a housewarming too as they just moved into their new place on Norfolk Street. I had the idea of a balloon shaped flower arrangement with macarons. By the way the macarons at the new Lafayette bakery are my new favorite! I took some over to the florist Adore to help inspire the lively palette of color!

I covered wooden letters with printouts from my new Fine and Dandy print collection for Sarah and Victor – the names of the twins. Rosa’s tomato and mozzarella pops were quite a hit!

I gave Victor a car shaped stuffie that we made from one of my patterns with my Bon Vivant fabrics from Windham. Sarah got a baby quilt made with cloth from my first Windham collection Juliet.

A You Tube video inspired Rosa to make these funny favors – love the baby sock!

The diaper cake they made had all kinds of surprises!

Juan & Rosa live dangerously close to The Doughnut Plant..

and other fun places like Economy Candy (those are marshmallow pops Rosa made)!

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