Quilters Take Manhattan 2013!

If you can believe it the image above is a quilt. Last Saturday at Quilter’s Take Manhattan at FIT we had the priviledge of hearing its’ creator Hollis Chatelain speak about her inspiration, process, and evolution of her style. This incredible quilt is called Innocence. She was in the Peace Corps in Africa and this is a moving portrait of a child she encountered.

In this detail of the eye you can begin to see the amazing free motion long arm stitching pattern that was inspired by other children performing various roles in the culture!

Here you can see two more of the children’s faces in the phenomenal stitching drawing! We got to see and experience many other of Hollis’s passionate quilts which she says come from her dreams but depict seriously relevant world issues. To learn more about Hollis visit www.hollisart.com

We also got to hear from the four members of Semper Tedium Amy Orr, Katherine Knauer, Paula Nadelstern, and Robin Schwalb about what inspires their unique quilts and how their construction and materials make their work so distinctive. I found their retreat style workathons so interesting and they take a celebratory approach by making lovely meals for eachother at their places on the north fork of long island! If this sounds intriguing you’ll want to check out Go Tell It! Videos on your Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/QuiltAlliance

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