Our Jewelry and Fabric Party!

Last night my new friend Rita Holcberg and I had our first trunk show/reception at my apartment on Mercer Street! She working with emmerging artisans in Italy and Israel. Here you can see some of their unique creations..

They use such an interesting mix of citrine, jade, garnet, and many other jewels!

To get us all in the Halloween spirit I showed my Spooks and Spies fabrics and some products made with them! Jane Fried Sheinfeld made up a couple of cute pillows featuring my “Agent Corgi” and “Can’t Mask it” prints. I’m already filling several orders!

Here my friend Renee sports my big, puffy, “Pharell” witch hat that I made by sewing a patchwork of my “Spyder-webs” fabrics & oversized black buttons on top of an inexpensive hat from the party store!

Many thanks to our friends like Iveline (above) who came and made the event such a success! To those who couldn’t make it we hope to see you at the next one!

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