A Valentine Frame with Henry!

I collaborated with my niece Amanda on this valentine for my Mom and her grandmother! It all started with Amanda’s fabulous photo of her newborn son Henry! I had a simple unfinished wood frame that I got from Michael’s and some red Paris map fabric from my Bon Vivant collection for Windham!


If you would like to try something like this, I’ve made a tutorial for you to check out:

Materials Needed:

1 unfinished wood frame with heart shaped opening (the one above is 8″ x 8″), 1 piece of Paris map fabric in red #32164-1 14″ x 14″, ball point pen, fine black marker, scissors and pinking shears, 2 inexpensive bright paintbrushes in size 8 & 16 (for applyling fabric glue), Soba fabric glue, small plastic jar (for easier glue access), a 5″ x 7″ photo, clear acetate (to use in place of glass), spray mount, 8″ x 8″ black illustration board, Matt knife, Gorilla Super Glue, 2 black easel backs

1) Flip fabric upside down and frame upside down on top of it. With a ball point pen draw a heart a bit smaller than the opening and cut it out. Draw around the edges of the frame to make a square.

2) Draw lines equally around on the fabric. These will be your cut lines.

3) Lift the wood frame off the fabric and cut snips where pen marks are.

4) Apply a coat of spraymount to the front of the frame and place down inside pen lines of your square.

5) Paint fabric glue to each section and peel back to hug the wood edge.

6) Take a photo of the back.

7) Print out at true scale (can be B/W) on card stock. Cut out the heart shape.

8) Get your acetate and use your heart as a template. Draw around the heart with a fin tip marker. Cut out your acetate heart. Place in side heart shaped opening.

9) Get your photo and again use heart template to draw outline you will cut from.

10) Cut out photo, flip over &  place inside heart shaped opening. Use same method to cut a piece of heavy weight paper (like bristol) & place on photo to protect. Peel back metal prongs to keep in place.

11) Cut excess fabric and notch out a square at each corner. Use larger brush to apply glue and fold back quickly. Apply super glue to back of frame and press black illustration board onto it firmly for at least 30 seconds. Peel and stick 2 black easel backs to stand it up. Enjoy! OX

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