Happy Easter – from Chaos to Couture!

When our dear friends the Crandalls invited us for Easter yet again I decided to put a punk spin on the desserts! We’ve all seen coconut cake but have you seen it as a Bowie – esque bunnyhead? Ahhh, Alladin Sane (if you haven’t heard an amazing Bowie show recently opened at the V&A in London)..

For the Couture dessert I chose Jacques Torres white choclate lamb. It struck me as the sort of thing Valentino might be serving.. (BTW this theme is borrowed from the upcoming Met Ball & exhibit “Punk from Chaos to Couture”)

Here the lamb is joined by an egg friend that I found at Sugar & Plumm. My fav is his macaron headphones).. The card you keep seeing is by the fabulous Maira Kalman! Hope you enjoyed your holiday!!

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